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At The Eat
At the Eat

51 min. CDR

1. Over Dose [mp3] [video]
2. Dusk 'till Dawn
3. Trance State
4. City Living
5. the Video Sphyncter [mp3]
6. At the Eat [mp3] [video]
7. Mino (I've got an idea)
8. seven ninths
9. Torch Song
10. Shadow [mp3] [video]
11. Reactive
12. Wicked [video]
13. understatement
14. Space Jealousy

Nate Longcope takes listeners deep through the interior on this collection from his 4-track sketchbook. Groove on ragged barbed-wire folk, hashishim hymns, Route 2 rock, casio gamelan, and psychedelicate guitar explorations. Recorded in SF and NYC 2001 just before the Fall, this disc bridges the Frisco puzzles of Rezanate's Missed America and the East At the Eat. Like stumbling upon that long-forgotten secret stash, brilliant unexpected gems await around every track change, leaving you wondering and wanting more (and there's plenty of it). Making the bedroom scene.

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