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Erik Amlee

40 min. CDR

1. Awakening
2. Too Far Gone [mp3]
3. Glassy Noel [mp3]
4. After the Breakdown
5. Raag Jhaani

Mandragora head Erik Amlee has been playing the sitar since late 2000, but it wasn't until Spring 2003 that he found the voice and emerged from his private closed-door sessions. Entirely self-taught, Amlee brings a unique style and sensibility to the instrument, mixing sitar technique with sonic experimentation derived from years exploring acid rock guitar and psychedelic noise. Non-traditional space raga summoned from the deepest core of inner mind and spirit.

This first volume in what is now an ongoing series collects tape from various sets and settings throughout 2003-04, including a blistering sitar heavy freakout with Paradise Camp 23, duets w/ Nate Longcope (Rezanate, Donkey Claw), and Amlee's first solo performance.


aquarius records new arrivals list #237
"We've been trying to list these Amlee discs for ages but we can never seem to keep enough in stock. Everytime we play them in the store, someone, sometimes several someones, always buys 'em. That's usually the truest barmoeter for how good a record is. And these discs are soooo good. Both of these discs feature Erik Amlee on sitar, the fact that Amlee is not a trained sitar player is part of what makes these discs so cool. The other being the totally bad ass drone and buzz of the sitar. We're beginning to think the sitar is the coolest instrument there is. It's like a guitar, but with way more buzzing and vibrating and droning. We can totally picture the heaviest metal band in the world with no guitars, just with electrified, amplified sitars. That's the same metal band that would have to have a Tuvan throat singer on lead vocals, but we digress. These lengthy improvisations are dense with buzzing overtones, haunting melodies, still very Eastern, as that's the nature of the instrument and its tuning, but also kind of spacey and blissed out, druggy and psychedelic. The whole thing is thick and soft and swoonsome, longform subtly shifting ragas, drowsy and fuzzy, all sepia toned and sun baked, rife with dizzyingly buzzy melodies and simple subtle percussion, and occasionaly electronic glitchery, but not so it's noticable, just adding more texture. And the recording is super casual and a bit lo-fi, you can hear shuffling feet, instrument buzz, every little nuance is just sort of captured and woven into the blurry dreamy sweetly torpid soundscape. So totally captivating. These records make the perfect late night listening, all thick and drifty and suffused with a soft rich glow that just sort of washes over you. Both volumes are equally amazing, and they're cheap too so there's no reason not to pick up the set!"

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