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The Grassy Knoll
Paradise Camp 23

58 min. CDR

1. Dead On Arrival [mp3]
2. Bossa Nova Express
3. Kitty'N'Choke
4. SubGourd Positioning
5. Merging With Inanimate Objects [mp3]
6. 4-trak
7. SunSit [mp3]
8. Reference Generator
9. Unknown Free Jazz Tape x 5 [mp3]
10. Surface, No Jewel
11. Acid Le Roi
12. Roastin

Erik Amlee (shortwave, sitar, guitar, effects), Aleda Jonquil (electronics, effects, roast),
Nate Longcope (casio, guitar, voice, lyrics, effects), Joel Boultinghouse (bass electrics)

Paradise Camp 23 expand heads once again with their 2nd full-length album proper. Privately released on 11/23/03 then left to age in the Mandragora Vault, The Grassy Knoll extends the map charted by the inaugural Bar-BQ Dungeon and hones the live improv sound of Teonanactl into diamond bullets aimed right at your Third Eye. Cubist studio techniques of recomposition and effectation from recent recordings and live actions are brewed w/ sampledelic digital wizardy and tape alchemy to make a potent aural intoxicant, taking us far beyond the trad CDR mush into 23rd Century psi-fi mind melt. Tree smoking artisans delicately weave the various threads of subterranean soundage into a dark post-noise journey through the American night.

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