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76 min. CDR

1. start [mp3]
2. toke
3. o
4. yes
5. gull [mp3]
6. cross
7. night [mp3]
8. stop
9. strobe
10. ghost [mp3]
11. rope
12. end

CrackHouse Reunion
live in El Lago, TX 12/28/90

David Gilden: Guitar, Noise
Erik Amlee: Guitar, Bass, Tapes
Troy Hooper: Drums, Machine

Live document of the 1990 Crackhouse Reunion Special, which brought the original members back together for memories, laughs, and maybe a tear or two. Old favorites are reinvented as liquid skronkified hoodoo from the 10th-dimension. Special guest appearances by Salvador Dali, the Manson Family, John Cerkan, Eros, and Chong.


Crucial - 3/17/06
"Erik Amlee's CRACKHOUSE, one of the few US groups to be able to effectively channel the bad vibe feedback of primo UK offenders RAMLEH and SKULLFLOWER through guitar distorto overload, blasted tape loops and noise, and thug-mud drumming, reunited briefly and put the resulting live offensive to tape via this private-press document. You get 76 minutes of disembodied amplifier powerdrone, neanderthal drumming, and a thick stream of negative psych jetting from the collected amps of these noise trogs, recorded live in El Lago, TX, on December 28th, 1990. Some distinctly western guitar motifs surface from the murk, and these moments are sublime. Twelve rites in all are housed on this disc, which comes packaged in a neat looking cardstock wallet sleeve. HEAVY."

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