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Anus Comes Alive!
Bull Anus

17 min. CDR

1. Back Ass Woods [mp3]

Live at Flywheel
Easthampton, MA USA

The Anus opens wide and sprays its sonic diarrhea in a torrent of free noise and electronics.
A rare public appearance from the infamous 8/02 Noise Show, the clan let loose with this brutal o-ring blowing assault. Old Bull spazzes out on aggro-synths and purple box as the Moses shreds the Sammy cassette. Short and sweet, 17 minutes that feel like days. Get ready to dance with Mr. PoopiePants.


Crucial - 3/17/06
"This disc captures a scorching 17 minute free-psych-noise blowout recorded in 2002 at the esteemed Western Mass indie venue Flywheel from maxx crunch heavies BULL ANUS. Titled "Back Ass Woods", this collective freakout emits a dense deathbeam of free guitar racket and feedback blast and manic electronic synth chaos. BRUTAL power gnarl. Imagine a combination of old MERZBOW and TOTAL, or BORBETOMAGUS meets SKULLFLOWER in a takedown flamethrower match. Towards the end, the jam flatlines into a brain-baking oscillator drone that kills. This CD-R comes with full disc face art, slipped inside of a full color glossy wallet sleeve. " - 5/23/03
"Anus Comes Alive! is a live recording from the Flywheel (in Easthampton, MA) by harsh noise wizard Bull Anus. The noise is strong, heavy in the Government Alpha / Merzbow vein, but with some subtle electronics going on underneath the racket. Dense and abrasive, the sound will rattle the listener - noiseheads will love it, but others will switch it right off. Be warned, though, this is one long live track, not the collection of shorter pieces we were treated to on Bull Anus' debut. No short attention spans permitted.
The highlight of the disc comes when Bull Anus thrusts the noise into a throbbing, gushing electronic work-out, complete with skewed chirping bird sounds, juicy noise slurches, and a windy ambience predicting the fall from up high. This is noise." -- Matt Shimmer

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