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49 min. CDR

A. 1 - 7 [mp3]
B. 8 - 12 [mp3]

Pure dose of raw, uncut Crackhouse straight from the lowest of fi jambox master tape. Kicks off with a brutal white noise maelstrom then descends into an endurance test of primal drumming, sick acid-wank guitar, pirate booty bass, and total wah-overload. Earliest known Crackhouse recordings w/ the boys in full-on Grand Fug Railroad mode.


Dead Angel #59 (09/03)
"This is kind of amusing: the cd-r is listed as having an A side (1-7) and a B side (8-12). I would expect no less from these cranky misanthropes. The cd-r itself is more of what they do best: strained sheets of groaning, fuzzed-out dark ambient noise and freakout sounds. What they do is less about "songs" and "parts" (which may be why they didn't bother with titles) and more about finding ugly-sounding gadgets and abusing them even more, creating evolving soundscapes of unpredictable sound anchored only by highly repetitive riffs and rhythms when they're not drifting totally into space (or pure noise). Yes, doom childe, we are in the land of live improv freakout, and it's pretty swell, although it sounds like the recording ran into problems here and there. This is not quite as oppressive and genuinely disturbing as some of their other stuff, but it's plenty hardcore, all right. This is the sexed-up sound o' noise bleat, probably served up before a disbelieving audience. Unless they were an audience hep to the sounds from Load or Mandragora or maybe even Skin Graft, in which case they might have been able to grok the weirdness devolving before their very eyes. Before... their very... eyes! Buried under all the sonic disembowelment, if you listen closely, you might detect a distinct nod to early metal in the riffs (think good Sabbath, Judas Priest, that kind of thing). At times they resemble an even more atonal Gravitar, only their drummer isn't quite as hyped-up as Eric Cook, more into the straight beats no matter what the speed, and their guitar sound is distinctly different. This is the process of devolving... grok it while you can...."

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