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Enter the Anus
Bull Anus

70 min. CDR

1. #1 Anus [mp3]
2. Beefry
3. Intox [mp3]
4. Don't Sit Down
5. Forking Rot
6. Samsara
7. Anthrax Ripple [mp3]
8. Yak Bak
9. Muff Wind
10. La Purga
11. Scar
12. Robotonk [mp3]
13. Taco Heavo
14. Anus Strain
15. Nervosa
16. skrrrch [mp3]
17. Snot Rocker

Harsh fucking noise.
Bull Anus grabs hold and rams it home in 17 tracks of non-stop sadistic eardrum torture.
Play Loud to ruin your stereo and annoy everyone.
Can you pass the Anus Test?


Crucial - 3/17/06
"A name like that creates certain expectations. BULL ANUS deliver with 70 minutes of HARSH drone-noise n' scumfuzz hell, like the most brutal early SKULLFLOWER/BORBETOMAGUS skuzz crawling through the gutter and spurting grotesque feedback swarms over your cranium, courtesy of Erik Amlee (CRACKHOUSE) and company. There's little in the way of dynamics here...BULL ANUS lock in with a crackling avalanche of fuzz and distortion and skree, piling it on, layers and layers of dense, cloudy crunch, with gauzy melodies obscured and blurred by the storm of noise. Pure brooding pestilence and evil tone mulch. Guitar amplifiers bare toothy grins and spastic beats grind away at the withering transistor frequencies. Enter The Anus could possibly be heard as a meditation on the sounds of machinery falling apart, a bleeping,grinding mantra of coarse speaker hurl. Good shit. Like most of the other Mandragora back-catalog jams we've landed, this private press CD-R comes packaged in a cardstock wallet sleeve."

Dead Angel 51 - 5/10/02
Meanwhile, in the official listening room -- recognized as the Doom Room thanks to the nifty inscription "Do the Doom" chiseled into the massive stone door -- we find The Moon Unit and his nifty pal Todd the Black Metal Drummer sitting around listening to the majestic and flatulent sounds of Bull Anus. As TMU throws the cd in the player and returns to his seat, grotesque noises and a low end like the black helicopters of the apocalypse fill the room....

TMU: Now i know we are descending into the cancer-ridden bowels of hell. Skullflower on bad, bad, bad heroin.

TTBMD: Somewhat one-dimensional power violence. Harsh, brooding, violent.

TMU: Listen to those evil fucking tones, o my brother. The sound of tape being mulched. Bulldozers lowering their blades into the poisoned earth. The voice of SATAN! GRAU! GRAU!

TTBMD: Haunted amplifiers reanimate dead frequencies.

TMU: They have some cool machine-gun sounds on "Beefry."

TTBMD: Spastic beats and metal grinding metal.

TMU: (zones out while "Iniox" grinds away like a slow-spinning top)

TTBMD: This cd is a series of variations on the sound of machines breaking down. Parts is parts.

TMU (from zombie stupor): Life... is... LIFE!

TTBMD: Some loosely-structured songs are also on this cd. And i mean loosely. And what would make someone call their band Bull Anus? I want to know.

TMU: Maybe they like bull anuses. Maybe they have known bull anuses, in the biblical sense, if you get my drift....

TTBMD: I wonder if they have ever heard of Cattle Decapitation. Harsh grindcore that might be right up their... asses!

TMU: I must admit, i respect a band that thinks with it's anus. Some of these grindy-grindy weeoo sounds are really mantra-like. You can zone out to this band from a distance. I wonder if they rave. Do you rave?

TTBMD: I don't fucking rave. Thinking with their anus... shit for brains? I guess they got shit on their mind? Shit happens? The cd is good shit.

TMU: Holy Bat Shit, Robin! This song... are we allowed to call these things songs? This is "Anthrax Ripple" and it sounds just like the ripple of dying leaves in the wind after the Revelation of Anthrax on the Day of the Locust. Is that prescient or what?

TTBMD: Yes. A Commodore-64 on acid -- pockets of sound. This song, "Anthrax Ripple," is the best song on the cd so far.

TMU: I like the dark-ambient moves on "Yak Bak." This band has a lot more depth and variety than i originally would have guessed from their name. I wonder if they grok the Melvins.

TTBMD: Falling face-first into hot black clouds. I can't get the god-damn tv to work right.... All that static. And the rhythmic textures that bleed endlessly. "Yak Bak."

TMU: This is the fucking locust-filled sky as seen by the maggots crawling in the dead dog's eye socket as the semis go by.

TTBMD: This the sound of centuries. Of bones turning to dust.

TMU: I think we really like this track a lot. There's a Skullflower thing going on in some of these tracks, what with the blown-up deathfuzz guitars and whatnot, but then they have a core of this really non-rock sounds. Some of this could pass for tracks from one of the early Skullflower LPs.

TTBMD: It is a simple formula of willing frequencies to their appropriate graves.

TMU: Bone spurs chip away at the flesh as the human skin lanterns sway in the wind.

TTBMD (as songs play): What's the name of this label?

TMU: Mandragora. They sent us a big ol' pile of goodies, including that swell Superfuckers thing.

TTBMD: The rest of the album flows in a similar vein. Pick this one up if you get the chance. And the Superfuckers. - 4/13/02
"I just had to chuckle when I first caught a glimpse of this album as it came out of it's mailing package. I mean, how can you take this seriously? The band's name alone is jokey, and the big picture of a bull's rear end on the cover doesn't help matters. The truth is, though, that this is pretty serious noise music. Actually, it's not only serious - it's good. From the label that releases "pure psychedelic noise" comes a funky batch of ear chaos that is sure to get your brain pulsating. Or at least quivering.
"Beefry," for example, is a piece of harsh noise that's been injected with crazy broken beats; listening to it will make you want to move (even if this so-called "movement" is actually just violent spasms). Other tracks, like "Scar" and "La Purga" are more atmospheric and relaxing, while "Anus Strain" and "Robotonk" are glitchy and complex. All around, Bull Anus has released a great selection of noise. If you like your noise abrasive, you'll totally dig this!"- Matt Shimmer - 4/09/02
"One of the best aspects of grindcore acts like Anal Cunt are the song titles - in some cases they are worth the price of admission on their own. Enter The Anus doesn't quite reach up to the brilliance of "I intentionally ran over your dog" but you do get some mild chortlers like "Muff Wind", "Anus Strain" and "Don't Sit down". And besides the nice bovine sphincter close up on the CDR label there is in fact some noise up for grabs.
This a full freakin' disc. As in 70+ minutes of lo-fi skronk and disortion so you better have an empty stomach before sitting down at the table . My first couple of spins struck me as generic formless spew, as if the entire recording had been chained through 5 or 6 distortion pedals until it became one homogenous, indecipherable mass. I'm not exactly sure why it hit me in face like that as it became apparent after a few more spins that there be a lot of crazyness in them dar poopy pants. Track 3 "Intox" for example is a psychotic recorder jam taped in the center of an F5 tornado, the flotsam and jetsam of the neighborhood crack house punching holes into your forehead as it gets caught up in the vortex. What the hell a welfare flute is doing in the midst of such conflageration is as much your guess as mine. You also get a heaping dose of various stolen drum kits either being smashed to bits by simians or alternatively, being thrown down the stairs of an abandoned reverb chamber. Radio interference and lost sinewaves find themselves merged at the business end of redlined amplification stage as does almost everything on this disc.
Noise, definitely. Psychadelic, at times but my main complaint here is that the distortion used on a number of the tracks sounds to my ears like the world's crappiest mass market distortion pedal, the Boss DS1. High end crispy sizzle that gets tiring enough that you can sleep to it after you get over the initial aggravation of having to yank off your headphones to save your hearing. There are other meatier sounds spewing from the anus and when it's particularly tight ("Anthrax Ripple", "Scar" and the hillarious yet brutal "Nervosa" amongst several others) it's plop plop fizz fizz satisfying which makes this a bit of a frustrating listen in parts. For a noise band called Bull Anus this strikes me as a preposterous thing to suppose but restraint would help lube up the gloves a bit, getting the listener past any initial obstructions and into smooth, brown pastures. Shortening some of the less dynamic (as in range) and tonally stagnant pieces would help to suffice for when ear plugs aren't handy and at the very least adusting the tone knob more often would erase the sense that you are listing to 10 Bull Anus tracks alternated with 8 copies of the exact same Borbetomagus skronkfest. The BA definitely can target ass for kicking when they put their crazed minds to it ("skrrrch" or "snot rocker" for example, the latter a bizarre noise / drone hybrid) and with just a little more consistent production quality this release would have moved from machismo curiosity to toothy, lurid grin. Cool if you have the patience but Russian film long with occasionally pre-transistor production."- moron

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