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Voodoo Mechanics

73 min. CDR

1. Bagadzha [mp3]
2. )+(UMMO)+(
3. Sumatra Space [mp3]
4. Loud 1
5. MeatShow
6. Praying Tongues [mp3]
7. Loud 2
8. Loop
9. Drone [mp3]

All material processed and manufactured by Erik Amlee.
Recorded 1995-1997 at Studio Weird, Northampton MA USA

Constructed entirely from samples and found sound, Chaotika is an intense meditation on the mysteries of drone and loop. Astral brutality as crippled beats juggle icy strings, alien orchestras wage battle, and freaks come alive. Pagan muzak meets lounge terror in a sonic Rorschach Test.


Dead Angel #57 - 7/03
"It's on Mandragora, so you know it's going to be noise-related... and indeed it is, in a droning, mechanical kind of way. Sound manipulator Erik Amlee sets forth the mission agenda immediately by opening with "Bagadzha," in which a shuddering loop of sound like an engine turning over is gradually consumed by more mechanical loops and pure white noise, much like a tower of darkness eating itself from the inside. Deep bass grooves abound on the album as well, especially on "Sumatra Space," where rumbling bass tones open cracks in the earth from which strange-sounding and luminscent creatures of the dark emerge. "Loud I" is exactly that, an unseemly barrage of grotesquely reverbed rhythms, sound samples, shrieking, and more, all of which seems to be emerging from a tunnel that's caving in. Reverb efx abuse can be a terrifying and awesome thing. "Meat Show" and "Loop" bring on the staggered mechanical drones again and "Loud 2" is a variation (still a loud one) on the original version, while the closing "Drone" is a dark and lovely drone swimming in oceans of reverb. Good, good stuff. It's not rock 'n roll, true, but it builds bones... builds character... it will annoy your parents. More proof that noise is the only real universal "music."" - RKF - 5/23/02
"Can Mandragora Records do no wrong? This is the fifth release of their's that I have reviewed, and I have not been let down once as of yet. Voodoo Mechanics is the label owner's solo sampler project, circa 1998-1999. Although some parts can be somewhat abrasive, most of the album is less harsh, favouring a calm, even ambient, sound. I suppose this point can be argued, but I think it is a general concensus that even Voodoo Mechanics at his harshest comes nowhere near the likes of Merzbow and Prurient. This psychedelic ambience, however, is a nice break from the cacophony, and it definitely provides a nice soundtrack for a mind-trip, if that's what you're looking for.
In order to help explain how this album fits together, I like to call Voodoo Mechanics the Godspeed You Black Emperor! of noise music. The album fluctuates between so many styles and emotions throughout its entirety that, by the end, you almost feel weary. And that's what noise music is all about.
If you're a noise fan, and you're looking for some diversity in your musical diet, you may want to consider getting this album. And while it's by no means another "Rainbow Electronics", it's an enjoyable noise album anyway." - Matt Shimmer

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